Shawn Carpenter



Shawn is a globally respected cyber security expert, with a broad range of successful start-up investments and an established acumen for advising early stage innovators. His experience and entrepreneurial acumen are coupled with deep technical skills honed while pioneering cyber security protocols for the federal government and working at NetWitness and iSIGHT Partners over the past two decades. He was an early employee of both companies, which further fueled his cyber interests and investments in a variety of startups over several years. Shawn contributes a great deal at Global Foundry and Euclidian Trust, but his client facing involvement regarding various security, protocol, threat and cyber assessment issues brings an unparalleled, prudent and well honed point of view.  As someone who spent years in the US Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program, followed by work in Information Assurance for a Department of Energy National Laboratory, he discovered one of the first documented penetrations of US Government networks. Later, he began contract work in the Department of Justice, Joint Security Operations Center, one of the first and largest NetWitness implementations at the time. He has travelled extensively, and worked with white hat hackers and other cyber security professionals across the globe.

Mr. Carpenter is a native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.