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Global Foundry (GF) is a partnership and initiative designed to help develop and equip international companies with the tools necessary to establish a market presence here in America. 

Global Foundry (GF) is a strategic partnership and center of operation designed to improve the success rate and business opportunities for new companies entering markets in the United States. Our goal is to help develop, support and build a strategy and plan that can take root and thrive in America. 

While the solutions will vary for our members, GF utilizes experienced advisors to provide strategy and product evaluation, deliver mentoring, coaching, and provide talent and management advice, while lending help with networking and landing introductions for key market channels and investors. At GF we help develop, promote and provide our member with the advice, tools, network and access necessary to establish an effective market presence in the US.

We help you take the leap, enter the U.S. market with a plan.

Utilize the collective partnerships and networks of Eastern Foundry, Federal Foundry, TAG Holdings, Southside Investment Group, Three Tree Ventures and their respective partners willing to assist with the success of Global Foundry companies.

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